Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Time To Dance!

I am on a journey to save my life. I am not talking about a physical illness, although that could certainly a consideration if I don't make some changes. I am talking about finding passion to fuel the last part of my life. You all may know the story. Typical middle age struggle to find meaning and purpose. A struggle that intensifies as life's journey peaks and starts the dreaded decent. I never thought I would find myself here so quickly. And surely I would know my life's purpose and calling by now. I suppose I can see that the lure of material things distracted the more meaningful pursuits. It felt like the most important things to focus on. And I was rewarded tenfold for all my focus. But money and material "stuff" does not satisfy the heart and soul. Couldn't I have found this out at an earlier age? What if it is too late? What if I stay stuck in analytical hell? Surely I would die without knowing that my life fulfilled the purpose for which I came. I must find it or my soul will not rest.

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