Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happiness Really Is An Inside Job

Well, I did it. I quite my job last week. I quite the best job a person could have in the face of a down economy and with no plan of action in place. Smart or stupid? Only time will tell. But the heart does not lie and my heart said "Let's live!". So here I sit on the pinnacle of a new life. What lies before me now? Where do I start? The answer is simple...it all starts with me.
As simple as it sounds, there is no doubt that it's just plain difficult to do. It requires a lot of work. The hardest work you or I will ever do. But it is the work we are called to do if we are going to realize our full potential in this life. Having a self-actualized life does not just happen. It requires that we become that which we want to want to experience. We become the love we want to receive. We become the respectful, compassionate, and forgiving person that calls forth the same in others. And from that place of personal integrity and authenticity inspiration blooms. And each bloom begins to unfold and manifest into the life we are meant to live. Our heart's life.
So this is where I begin. I want to share my journey in faith that I will somehow help you along your journey and you, of course, will help me. I am excited and full of hope and anticipation. No journey is more important. And in my life, it is a journey that cannot be denied. Please join me and let's walk this path together and bask in the sun along the way.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Time To Dance!

I am on a journey to save my life. I am not talking about a physical illness, although that could certainly a consideration if I don't make some changes. I am talking about finding passion to fuel the last part of my life. You all may know the story. Typical middle age struggle to find meaning and purpose. A struggle that intensifies as life's journey peaks and starts the dreaded decent. I never thought I would find myself here so quickly. And surely I would know my life's purpose and calling by now. I suppose I can see that the lure of material things distracted the more meaningful pursuits. It felt like the most important things to focus on. And I was rewarded tenfold for all my focus. But money and material "stuff" does not satisfy the heart and soul. Couldn't I have found this out at an earlier age? What if it is too late? What if I stay stuck in analytical hell? Surely I would die without knowing that my life fulfilled the purpose for which I came. I must find it or my soul will not rest.