Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Imagine That!

You know the old saying, you give out what you most need.  One of the things I have been inspired to do to support myself and others on this path is to create a talk show that features authors of personal and spiritual growth books.  After years of reading these books I wanted to find a way to align myself with these great teachers and support them in reaching others with their work.  Just Imagine That! Internet Talk Show was born when I met Scottie Johnson, a retired attorney from Portland Oregon, that was just as passionate about hosting this type of show as I was to produce it.  It has been a dream come true for me to have contact with authors all over the world and be instrumental in highlighting their message above and beyond the writings of their books.  Scottie does a great job in hosting the show and as a result I have some great interviews to share with you.  Along with the podcasts, I want to share with you the gifts each interview reveals to me. I hope you feel inspired to share your thoughts as well.  

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